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Latest Work in Progress of my Unity Tropical Environment. I am still in the blocking phase at the moment. The foliage is TEMP, and will be replaced later. At the moment I am using a free foliage asset from the Asset Store for blocking out and planning purposes.

Some information about the environment:
Shader Forge for all shader creation.
uSky 2.0 Pro for Atmospheric Scattering + Lightrays.
Water is a procedural, realtime displacement system called PlayWay Water.
Amplify Motion for fullscreen vector motion blur.
Amplify Bloom for Bloom and Glare lens effects.
Unity Cinematic Effects for Tonemapping + Color Grading.
Around 2.5 million polys on screen.
With VSync OFF, I am getting 120-140 FPS.


The rocks Shader Forge graph:

I’m super happy with how easy Shader Forge is to use. Right now the Rocks have a procedural worldspace wetness factor that darkens the edges that contact the water, and automatically modifies the specularity to be more shiny. There is a slope based auto grass blended on top of the rock texture as well as detail mapping based on how Unreal Engine handles it.