> Mike Cook Portfolio » Maya MEL – Particle Instancer to Mesh

This technique is very handy, and you can use it for a lot of things like – Object placement, exporting instanced meshes to game engines, using particle emitters to emit geometry into rigid body simulations, etc.


  • Bake to Instances or Meshes – Will bake the particles to unique geometry or instanced geometry. Instanced geometry mode saves a lot on memory.
  • Start Frame / End Frame – The frame range the bake should consider.
  • Bake Selected Particle Instancer Animation – Bakes the particle instancer in the range specified.
  • Bake Particle Instancer to Objects – No Animation – Single frame bake mode. If you were to emit particles on the surface of a terrain for example, and wanted to just copy the geometry at a single frame, this would be the mode to use.