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Export2Maya ver 2.2.1 Released to the Asset Store!

Export2Maya is a Unity Editor Tool that I have written that exports Unity scenes directly to the Maya Ascii file format. This comes in handy if you setup all your level geometry in Unity and want to build custom meshes to match your scene, create lowrez collision meshes or to bake lightmaps in Vray.

I originally created this editor tool for my own projects but it is something a lot of Unity users have requested as well, so I released it on the Asset Store. It was very tricky to get the conversions right, as everything between Maya and Unity is backwards. Maya uses a left handed coordinate system and Unity’s is right handed. The rotation order in Maya is XYZ, while Unity is ZXY. The polygon winding orders are reversed. Even the matrices are reversed as Unity is column major and Maya is row Major.

Even with all these differences I was able to work out the conversion and guarantee a 1 to 1 scaling export, so things exported from Unity to Maya get imported from Maya to Unity in the exact same position / orientation.

Ver 2.2.1 supports the following:
– Rewritten from the ground up
– New Edge Generation Method – 3x faster
– Skinned Mesh Export
– Blendshape Export – Single & Multi Frame
– Mesh Normals
– Mesh UVs
– Mesh Lightmap UVs (with correct tiling and offset)
– Mesh Vertex Colors
– Per-Object and Per-Face Material Assignment
– Terrain Export
– Directional Light Export
– Point Light Export
– Spot Light Export
– Area Light Export​
– Display Layer Lightmap Association. Objects that share the same lightmap index will be grouped under different display layers for easy selection in Maya.
– Includes accompanying Maya MEL script for easy scene setup once inside Maya.

Exported the Angry Bots example project to Maya and rendered in VRAY: