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What Is Definition Of Collective Bargaining Agreement

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In a multi-union situation, even a recognized union with a long-standing, stable and generally positive relationship with management adopts a combative attitude as a deliberate strategy. (vii) Collective bargaining should be better conducted at the enterprise level. This means that if there is more than one factory of the company, the local administration should have the power to negotiate with the local union. Unilateral amendments During the period during which a collective agreement is in force, the employer may not change a condition of employment that is subject to mandatory negotiations without first negotiating with the union (29 U.S.C.A. ยง 158[d]). Even after the collective agreement expires, the employer must maintain the status quo and must not unilaterally alter the issues of mandatory bargaining until the parties reach an impasse (Louisiana Dock Co.c. NLRB, 909 F.2d 281 [7th Cir. 1990]). This prohibition of unilateral amendments continues even if the employer denies that the union is the sole representative (Livingston Pipe & Tube v. NLRB, 987 F.2d 422 [7th Cir. 1993]; NLRB v. Parents & Friends of the Specialized Living Center, 879 F.2d 1442 [7th Cir.

1989]). Since negotiations in good faith between the parties “exhaust the prospect of reaching an agreement”, the parties have reached an impasse and the implementation of unilateral changes to working conditions does not constitute an unfair labour practice (NLRB v. Plainville Ready Mix Concrete Co., 44 F.3d 1320 [6th Cir. 1995]; United Paperworkers International Union v. NLRB, 981 F.2d 861 [6th Cir. 1992]; Southwest Forest Industry v. NLRB, 841 F.2d 270 [9. Cir…..