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Agreement Registration Office

Posted on Sep 10, 2021 in Uncategorized

Documents requiring registration should be submitted for registration within four months of their execution, together with the necessary fee. What is the procedure for electronic registration of leave and licence agreements? Note here that witnesses are very important throughout the trial. The two witnesses you wish to present at registration must also establish their identity before the Deputy Registrar. To that end, they should also carry their credentials and proof of address. In addition, their biometric identity is scanned during the process. The registration fee for real estate documents is 1% of the value of the property, maximum Rs 30,000. Previously, documents subject to registration were returned to you after a period of six months. When computerizing the sub-registry offices, the documents (with the registration number and proof that the documents have been registered by the registrar) are scanned and returned to you on the same day. The immovable documents that must be registered must be filed with the secretariat of the Sub-Registrar of Insurance, under whose jurisdiction the property that is the subject of the transfer is located. The subscriptions of the seller and the buyer must be present with two witnesses to record the documents. It is important to note that if your name is not mentioned in government documents as the owner of a particular property, proof of ownership may not be possible. For this reason, the registration of a property is a must for the buyer. There are different advantages of electronic registration which are as follows: a) The citizen can create his own document from anywhere at any time with Internet facilities.

b) Citizens can submit the document at any time for registration (24×7). (c) the citizen does not require a visit to the financial intelligence unit for the registration of the document. (d) it is not necessary for all the parties signing the document to be present at any time or place. What are the conditions for your own e-registration? the procedure for registering the holidays and the licence agreement by e-registration, which is declared step by step; Visit the website www.igrmaharashtra.gov.in title “Online Services” and the link “E-Registration for this purpose. Click on the electronic registration of the “L&L” option under the heading “Online Service” of the website Select the display that is compatible. . . .