After using the infamous DisplaceD deformer from, the author decided to not release the source code or further support his plugin. Out of desperation for the same functionality, I wrote my own displacement deformer in C++. This was before the Texture Deformer came standard with Maya, but honestly there are still a few features that the standard Texture Deformer does not yet have.


  • Displacement – Hook any 2d, 3d, or combination of 2d and 3d texture nodes in to control the displacement effect.
  • Scale – Overall scale multiplier.
  • Midpoint – By default the deformer assumes that 50% grey, or 0.5 is meant to be no displacement. Values above 0.5 displace outwards, while values below 0.5 displace inwards.
  • Inner Scale – Scales values below the midpoint value.
  • Outter Scale – Scales values above the midpoint value.

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