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Venad Agreement

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Kayamkulam and the surrounding areas were a habitat for Brahmins and other villagers of the upper caste. Kayamkulam was the original capital of the ancient region of Odanadu. After the development of the region began to become the capital of the region. Odanad was the shopping centre of Pandyas before the 16th century. The pandits` merchandising ends with the founding of the capital in the 16th century. Traditionally, people lived in the sea, fishing and worked in other related areas. Surprisingly, Kayamkulam Lake once had a hundred rice paddies. Marthanda Varma, the king of Travancore, defeated Kayamkulam Raja in the fight for the nation. Because of the frustration and defeat of this defeat, the king of Kayamkulam exploited the sailors of Arattupuzha with the currents, which allowed them to suck up the sea waters and destroy the fertile crops.

Thus, the brush, which had grown a hundred pounds, was turned into a lake. In 1731, the King of Kollam (Desinganad or Jaisingham) adopted the prince and princess of the Kayamkulam royal family. Then there was a war between Marthanda Varma and Deshinganathu Raja. Many wars were waged between them after the release of King Kayamkulam King Marthanda Varma. After the Battle of Kulachal in 1741, with the Dutch and Travancore and the Dutch, Marthanda attacked Varma kayamkulam, but failed. Then the two joined hands. It was known as “discharge” in 1742. The Venad army defeated King Kayamkulam, who violated the agreement. In 1746, Kayamkulam was added to Travancore. Krishnapuram Palace is a leading destination in the history of Kayamkulam.

It is believed that this was built by Kayamkulam King and that it was built by Marthanda Varma Maharaja. Krishnapuram Palace is now an important tourist attraction. The “Gajendrakamsham” wallpaper is very famous. Other famous temples are the Krishnapuram SreeKraishnaswamy temple, the Virshwara temple, the school temple, the Eruvil temple and the De Cherawali temple. Puthan Street Church and Shahidal Mosque are the most important places of worship for Muslims. Founded by the Portuguese, Kedeshayesha is an important place of worship for the Christian faithful. When Gandhiji arrived to participate in Vaikom Satyagraha against untouchability in the independence movement, he also participated in the warning signs of patriotism of the patriotism. In 1936, Nehru, Kamalanehru and Indira Gandhi participated in the meeting at the Puthiyam premises. In 1931, the protests and the fight against Sir CP in Kayamkulam and its surroundings were very powerful. There were also strong struggles and agitations against caste discrimination that existed at the time.