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Secretary Of State Agreement

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11. This information cannot be presented by a user as “official” OSS records. The OSS is the only one authorized to present this information as “official.” Records may indicate that they were obtained from OSS`s computerized files. The information presented on the site is collected, maintained and made available to the reader. 21. Recordings provided by OSS in accordance with this agreement are provided “as intended.” OSS does not accept explicit or tacit guarantees, including unspoken guarantees of accessibility and adequacy for a specific purpose, with the exception of related data and documentation, expressly provided for in this agreement. OSS ensures that the data it has entered has been captured with the care it needs, but does not provide any assurance as to the accuracy of the information provided by the public. OSS does not accept any guarantees regarding data entered by another party and is not responsible for manipulating the information obtained from those records by registered users. Florida is one of the many states where this applies, and that is why Florida Foreign Minister Katherine Harris became one of the few known secretaries of state in the country during the Florida election recount.

18. OSS will make access available immediately after the registered user has given consent to this contract on the screen that will be made available for this purpose on the site. The registered user is responsible at all times for the backup of all login and password information. 14. Feedback: OSS can be reached by email at secretary.state@state.mn.us or by phone or in writing. In several countries, the Secretary of State is also responsible for overseeing the activities of lobbyists. While some see it as a natural extension of the role of Chief Elections Officer, the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Virginia, who is not responsible for elections in that state, is nevertheless responsible for regulating lobbying. 20. The registered user agrees that the recordings remain the exclusive property of OSS, which retains all ownership rights, including copyrights to the recordings, unless this is provided for in this agreement. The agreement only provides that the registered user has a license for the use of the records in normal operations. In Illinois, Maine and Michigan, it is the Secretary of State responsible for issuing driver`s licenses, vehicle registrations and collecting vehicle taxes.

In many other countries, these tasks are the responsibility of an organization such as the automobile services, the transport police or the national police. 1. This agreement is entered into by and between the State of Minnesota, the Office of the Secretary of State (OSS) and the individual or artificial person who accepts this Agreement, referred to as “Registered User,” and its related companies, subsidiaries and all other junior users. 3. Under this agreement, the taker may choose a single provision of registers or parts of registers or an annual subscription for records or parts of those records. The single-availability option does not provide for an update of public records. In order to update the information obtained by OSS, a single provider must subscribe to a separate single or single subscription contract. The data contained in the electronic media are up to date from the date of creation of the media. 6.

OSS grants the registered user a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to access these functions of the Minnesota Business and Link System (MBLS), as described here. Access is available as long as the registered user provides payment for the fee for registered users. Access to the records is immediately terminated when the conditions described in the Minnesota Statutes, Section 5.23, are met. OSS may reintroduce this agreement after receiving the amount due and any additional fees and impose restrictions on the type of payment accepted during the agreement. 13. Recordings provided by OSS in accordance with this agreement are provided “as intended.” OSS does not accept explicit or tacit guarantees