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Etihad Airways Interline Agreements

Posted on Dec 8, 2020 in Uncategorized

Fiji Airway`s other partners are American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qantas and Air New Zealand. Etihad Airways and South African Airways have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to enter into a codeshare and interconnection partnership. At Kochi airport, we waited patiently (UK passengers) for our luggage to arrive and Etihad did not bother to put our luggage on Jet-Airways and would have been a colossal task for them, as the distance from the two airlines was very far away and they barely had time to unload and load all the connecting flights. I learned that my relative, who had travelled two days earlier with Etihad, had the same problem. Like all other British passengers, I complained to the Air India counter because there were no Jet Airways staff, and that is the procedure. I filled out the necessary forms and was promised my bags the next day. During this time, I attended two weddings and all the dresses, gifts, etc. were in our pockets. Along the way, we made a pair of call purchases because we didn`t have a change of clothes. The next day, around 1 p.m., I received a call saying that the bag was on its way, and at 5 p.m., I was told that I would not receive my bags until the next day, the 18th and my bag. I asked the lord who told me to keep me informed, which he did not do!!! I decided to go to Kochi airport to find out what was going on, and again, there were no Etihad or Jet Airways staff to see. The Air India staff were very helpful and they, including Indian Customs, said it was a daily ritual with Etihad and that it had been happening for some time. They too are tired of the airways and sympathize with the many passengers.

I had to buy all the gifts and clothes needed for the weddings out of my pocket, even though they were in my suitcases and were not available for the ceremony. Etihad`s loyal members will be rewarded with Etihad miles when they book accommodation via booking.com, following an agreement between booking.com and Etihad Airways in 2019. [96] Our bags arrived on the 18th night and the driver insisted that they carry the only document we had to prove that our pockets had been delayed by 2 days. I`ve been travelling for over 35 years, and this is my first experience, and this is the first time I`ve flown Etihad. I will file an application form and I do not hope to get compensation. However, I will publish my experience with Etihad and Jet Airways on each forum to ensure that no other passengers suffer from the anxiety and stress we have had, and I hope that all other passengers who have had similar experiences will do the same.