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Celebrity Non Disclosure Agreement Template

Posted on Dec 5, 2020 in Uncategorized

To avoid this potential defence, it is strongly recommended that the celebrity insist that the employee consult an independent consultant before signing the contract – and even pay the potential employee`s legal fees that are required to obtain independent advice. These days, nothing in Kanye West`s life seems to be out of control. As his wife Kim Kardashian is the queen of reality TV and everything, it`s hard to believe that he can hide every aspect of his personal life. When he was single, the potential Hook-ups of COURSE had to sign a confidentiality agreement, so it`s no shock that his marriage is just a bunch of paperwork itself. It was reported some time ago to TMZ, when West was in the middle of the recording of his album The Life of Pablo, he had his crew sign a lot of non-disclosure agreements. Under the terms, if someone divided information about a member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, they would have to pay a fine of up to $10 million. I`ve learned that new information about the world`s most photographed family can be juicy, but it`s certainly not worth $10 million. No thank you. Jackson would certainly have preferred those terms to remain private. At the time the dispute entered civil justice, there was a good chance that this information would be made public. The handling of Jackson Rowe`s dispute is full of irony, but perhaps the most ironic fact is that Jackson himself triggered the civil action that led to the publication of this information – and will inevitably lead to the publication of the confidentiality agreement. Another delay for the confidentiality agreement between Jackson and Rowe was the agreement: That Jackson, in exchange for Rowe`s agreement, to collaborate with Jackson`s desire to take her from her children`s lives, and for Rowe to say nice things about Jackson, $5,000,000 to Jackson Rowe, give her a villa in Beverly Hills and pay her $900,000 a year for an unmentioned number of years. But Jackson stopped paying the money and claimed he stopped paying because Rowe was violating the confidentiality agreement and would not continue to pay until there was a “court decision on the case.” Well, if the rumor is that you tend to nail everything with a pulse, you might want to get together with your lawyers and create some kind of form to distribute them to everyone who still breathes around you.