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motorhead airgun tuning 6. Tuning By Motorhead - Airgun Nation. It may confuse people and it may be a crime. Just scroll down and explore the site. * Smaller the jet size stronger in the valves closing cycle. Parts and tune kits. We first opened the doors in 2005. Flying Dragon Air Rifles performs a basic inspection and chronograph test on every rifle were sell. I also reshaped the trigger blade (Motorhead) to make it more flat instead of a "C" First bolt on mod was a Jim Gaska prod moderator, along with Motorheads drilling out the shroud support really quitted it down. Click on model when you check out. JSAR Raptors for Sale Already - page 3 - General Airgun Forum Discussion - The AirGun Guild The AirGun Guild A friendly place to share one's interest in all things airguns. Airgunwerks is now the ONLY approved repair center (including gas strut installations) for all OFFICIALLY IMPORTED THEOBEN We take your airgun and perform a SILVER tune and in addition we further improve porting, and we may also modifying the original parts for better performance. Yours truly, Michael Wendt - Owner. Join HERE. Since then we have moved into our new location and couldn't be happier. Shortly spongebob meme 500 west 30th street floor plan self extractor winrar. 25 quiet/effiicient tune need help by Thachad01 » Sun Oct 20, 2019 2:30 am 1 Replies 1488 Views Last post by Thachad01 Sat Oct 26, 2019 2:17 pm; Trigger Pull Weight 1, 2 by TM. "What exactly is the reason "bucket and sticks" is a popular shooting technique with air rifles?" The field target "hunter division" shooters often use "bucket and sticks" during matches, however most all shooting supports except tripods aren't allowed. 95: PelletPouch: $42. Trigger lubrication and adjustments Provide detailed tune report including Chronograph reports before and after tune. Exit Shopping Cart Re: Valve question. (@functor) Joined: 3 years ago. I can service and repair most precision adult airguns - if parts are available- these include but are not limited to: I do not work on Crosman, Daisy, Benjamin, or Sheridan airguns. bakerairguns. 22Mrod » Wed Aug 31 Specialties: Custom ammunition reloads, ammo reload classes, ammunition reloading supplies, pellet guns, pellet ammo, air rifles, bullets, airgun advise, sales, tuning and maintenance, airgun accessories and Airgun consignment Established in 2005. Tried to email you but the mails are bouncing back. Adult supervision is required. September 2, 2018 13:47:50. Under Construction Home: About Us: Tuning & Repairs: Theoben Gas Struts: Contact Us Warning: Airguns and airsoft guns are not toys and are recommended for use by those 16 years of age or older. I've used Maccari kits and springs for a few decades. I have never read a bad review of his work. I recommend that you contact Bob Newman at Air-Venture Airguns at 562-867-6355 for work on these airgun brands. Honestly have avoided being there repair center and don't really wish to be dragged into Motorhead tune. You may not advertise banned or illegal items, or non-airgun related items. This rifle is a classic example of tuning a regulated PCP on the downslope . HI all. Motorhead. At 3K fill, the gauge says 2100psi, so I assume that is the pressure it is set to regulate to. Tune in a Tube – Airgun Review by AirgunWeb; Umarex Gauntlet 25 and Axeon Airgun Scope Exceptional Airgun Package! Diana 250 Combo Bullseye Mount and Scope – Review by AirgunWeb; Nomad II Personal PCP Compressor – Hunt game NOT Air – Review by AirgunWeb; Air Arms TX200 MKIII . 22 - Robert Lane Reg - Motorhead LW Hammer - Yellow Airgun Forum Archive When the 20 cal came out nobody dreamed people would be lining up to drop $1000 to $2000 on an airgun, especially one 25cal plus. Used Airgun List : About Us : Contact Us : Used Airgun List . « Reply #1 on: March 03, 2021, 08:50:46 AM ». I have been tuning, refinishing, and customizing airguns for many years, and look forward to the opportunity to transform your rifle into a smooth and beautiful shooting machine. At airguntunes. Posts: 201. Baker Airguns https://www. I just installed a Robert Lane regulator and Motorhead light-weight hammer in my . The very first tune kit I bought a couple decades ago from JM was for my . PTFE Washers for Spring gun. Motorheads AG Tuning Services Is back up and running as we were previous. The next JM kitI bought was a "soft spring kit" for my . 177. You may advertise your airgun related gear, including airguns, scopes, mounts, ammo, etc. Joined: 2 years ago. Steel cap for Co2 or even air. Misuse or careless use may cause serious injury. Airgun Classifieds from Members. SMK QB/XS/TH 78 Bulk fill adaptor & S. How about you email me at ar54 AT phy Thank you for your business! You should be receiving an order confirmation from Paypal shortly. My rifle already had a Greg Davis stock length LW top end o Mrod . We hope this little tuning primer has been informative and helpful, and look forward to working with you to help make your air gunning experience as trouble free and enjoyable as possible. Do not brandish or display your airgun /airsoft gun in public. Dealers and Businesses should use the Airgun Retailer board. I didn't want to post Motorhead's phone number here without his permission-- it's an open forum after all and telephone numbers are sometimes considered private information. Or anyone one else in the US Point me to them kindly. He is a wealth of knowledge and experience. 177 Beeman R10 and I literally tested the spring life. « Reply #3 on: August 15, 2016, 04:53:01 PM ». Also, please take time to read my Frequently asked questions in the Phone number and business hours link. Motörhead’s AG tuning - Airgun Nation Become an AGN forum member to be included in our multi-thousand dollar Monthly Airgun Giveaways! Winning is as easy as picking a number, no strings attached! This is our way of thanking you for being a part of the worlds biggest airgun forum. 22 marauder with an airgun exporters reg and motorhead LW hammer already installed, set up for 30fpe. com : Address: 13264 Minor Hill Hwy Minor Hill, TN 38473 Tuning a Regulated LW down to 12 ftlbs by Brooks58 » Wed Jan 01, 2020 2:50 pm 2 Replies 1397 Views Last post by Motorhead Wed Jan 08, 2020 6:34 am. December 28, … Re: Motorhead Airgun Tuning Service. 4. Not sure if that is a Jim Gaska "Cobra" or a home brew ? Tho being threaded would suggest a small jet can be threaded into it creating a controllable bleed hole. It is shooting the Air Arms Express 7,87 pellet at an average Airgun Tuning Manual V2, for Spring powered models, 47 Pages On Dvd + Free Video 3. Service & Repairs. 177 HW35 as recommended by a "tech guy" at Beeman when they still sold "airgun stuff". See borderlands 2 kill blue. This page is for information, a list of services and a list of things I have for sale. Immediately sent it to Scott Schneider at Motorhead Airgun Tuning Services for a complete tune. We also adjust the rifle's hammer spring tension, valve spring, and if required regulator pressure to increase efficiency or overall performance according to the customers requirents. larger the jet milder is the effect. Forums › General Discussion › Motorhead still tuning? Views : 1116 Likes : 0 Likes : 0 | Subscribe December 28, 2019 at 11:42 am Link TEXASSpectator SpectatorAccuracy: 1 Or anyone one else in the US Point me to them kindly. 33 Posts 22 Topics Member. If I wasn't addicted to tinkering I would certainly send my air rifles to him and spend my own time on more meaningful pursuits. Rubber Eye Cup: $27. Having worked behind the scenes on some of the tech used within these guns, along with working in house at JSAR for a spell I know these guns well enough. So after having my synrod for a year and a half, putting a hammer forged barrel in it, and playing with power tunes, my gun just wasn't acting like I knew it should. We are now an authorized repair center for Whiscombes air rifles. Off it goes to a vacation in Sacramento, CA, to stay with Motorhead for a while. They never thought PCP's would make springers a novelty gun for people who like to shoot clunky airguns with a lot of recoil even after an expensive tune. A lot more than the 20 cal is becoming antiquated. SMK 700 Artemis Pre-Charge target pistol Silencer adaptor Nat ally Airgunwerks is a fully authorized Webley (non-Beeman) service/repair and tuning center, as well as a fully authorized service/tuning center for Air Arms. I would get 3 out of 10 flyers in groups that were already over 1" at 25 yards. (@motorhead) Member of Trade. Air Arms S300/S310/S410 Tuning Kit for UK and Export 5. It also has a page on tuning information that is a must read if your into spring guns. In September of 2020, I purchased brand new, an FWB Sport in . 22 Underlever Airgun with Hawke Optics Airgun Review by AirgunWeb I have a new-to-me gen1 . com, we are focused on providing air gun services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. 95 . Become an AGN forum member to be included in our multi-thousand dollar Monthly Airgun Giveaways! Winning is as easy as picking a number, no strings attached! This is our way of thanking you for being a part of the worlds biggest airgun forum. May 2012 ~Flying Dragon Air Rifles~ The velocity crept up from 800 fps at 3000 psi to 820 fps at 1500, at which point the air usage increased slightly, the velocity increased to peak at 843 fps at 1200 psi, and then dropped, getting back down to the 800 fps where it started at only 800 psi . I have enjoyed shooting it immensely but am ready to move this rifle to make room for something new to play with. Look over our website, and feel free to contact us. Posts: 58. Which gives better results for the P-rod: two 1" rings at 1/3 and 2/3 the way in the air tube or one 2" 1/2 way in or something else? Maybe offset? . Simple PM gets you in contact and we go from there via E-mail correspondence. Air Venture Airguns Tel 562-867-6355 Repairs Benjamin, Crosman, Daisy and Sheridan airguns. Pictures of the actual item for sale are encouraged. functor. My working away at another AG manufacturing business is no longer happening and am for those who require Motorheads AG Services help can contact me for there requirements & tuning needs once more. 22 Mrod. Logged. 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